the girl

My name is Lauren Hom, and I'm a 25 year old illustrator and letterer based in Brooklyn, New York. I'm the funny girl behind the blog (and now book) Daily Dishonesty, the snarky girl who runs Ex Boyfriend Tears, and the hungry girl who Will Letter for Lunch in her spare time. I'm also just your average girl who loves cheap white wine and isn't ashamed to unbutton her pants underneath the table at Thanksgiving dinner (or on a first date).

I grew up in sunny southern California on a strict diet of Playdoh, Mario Kart 64 and In N' Out. My family wasn't big on traveling, so when I got my hands on a passport at 18, I was instantly hooked. I went on my high school’s Europe trip, lived in Madrid for a summer in college, and most recently visited Lisbon, Valparaíso, and Seoul. Now it's time for my next big adventure!


the trip

Starting January 2016, I'll be living out of a backpack and traveling around the world for a year and a half with the folks at Remote Year. The first twelve months, I'll be traveling and working with a group of 74 other freelancers, and the last six months I'll be traveling solo! Here’s a complete list of the countries I'll be visiting:

Words cannot describe how excited I am to see the world; I can’t wait to try new foods, see new places, and, of course, meet new people. If you see your country on the list above, I’d love to hear from you! Tell me about your favorite cities, bars, parks, cafes, views, places to nap, late night spots…anything! Who knows? Maybe we’ll end up having a drink or a snack together (preferably both). You can email me at


the project

Since I make a living drawing the alphabet, I thought it would be pretty rad if I could fund my 26,000 mile journey around the world with the same 26 letters I hold so close to my heart. I'm a freelancer and plan on working the entire year, but I figured every little bit helps, so this project was born. 

That's where you come in, fellow explorer and type lover. I've designed a special series of travel-inspired posters for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure. Every dollar raised through this project will go directly towards my 'round the world journey, from plane tickets to late night street snacks. The posters will be printed and shipped worldwide by Society6. For each poster purchased, I'll make a profit of about $12, which means:

In order to fund my airfare, I'll need to sell 400 posters.

In order to fund my housing, I'll need to sell 750 posters.

Woah! That seems like an insane amount of posters to sell in 6 months. Can 26 little letters really take me 26,000 miles? I have no idea, but I'd like to find out just how far they'll get me. I’ve experienced an unbelievable amount of love, support, and good fortune from Internet friends. Any bit of help is so greatly appreciated. If you buy a poster - AMAZING! If you share this project with your social media networks - SUPER COOL! If you email this project to your mom - YAY! Really, I am forever grateful and would give you the chocolate tip of this Drumstick I’m eating right now if I could. If that’s not gratitude, I don’t know what is. Also, please note that it is extremely difficult to type while eating a Drumstick. I can't wait to go on this incredible trip, and I hope my artwork will inspire you to go on an adventure of your own.

(If you hate posters with a burning passion but want to help out, or if your heart is simply feeling extra big and mushy, you can donate to my travel fund below.)